Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits Do I Obtain When I Have a Water With My Private Label?

When high-level clients select a hotel or restaurant in what they most notice is the design of the place, its style and atmosphere. Having your own luxury water with a cutting-edge serigraphy design helps you connect with your consumers.

What Presentations Are Available?

Water remineralization with gas and without gas in 500 ml and 1 liter presentations.

What Is Remineralized Water?

When a reverse osmosis process is applied, it is not selective: it removes "good" substances such as calcium and magnesium, along with "bad" substances such as pesticides, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals. The water remineralization process of Savani Water adds beneficial substances such as calcium carbonate and Corosex (Magnesium oxide).

How Does It Help Me, In My Marketing Efforts, To Have Water Labeled With My Brand?

Water with your brand expands all your branding effort associated with the name of your hotel or restaurant in an effective and low-cost manner by creating greater remembrance of your brand. Additionally, the design of our bottles and the elegant silkscreen in a single tone make your brand resonate at the highest levels.

What Is Our Experience In The Field Of Water?

The Savani Water group was founded in 1985 by 2 Italian brothers Pier and Roberto Savani Ferrari, who since its foundation have been involved in industrial and residential water treatment plants. They have also managed water processing projects, installation and commissioning of water desalination plants and, finally, remineralized natural and gasified water.

What Does It Involve To Have Bottles Marked Bottles With Labels?

Traditional labels are part of the common industry, the additional expense of paper and paste does not add value to the product, on the contrary it plays down the importance. At Savani Water we understand that your brand is the most important thing, that is why we install our own screen printing printers to print your trademark on the bottle in a regal and elegant way. This technique allows us to turn your logo into an expression of art to be valued by your high level clients.

What Do I Need For My Serigraphy Logo To Be Printed?

You must send your logo in black white PDF format

What Is The Delivery Time Since We Supplied The Logo?

At Savani Water we understand that your priority is to have the finished product as soon as possible, which is why the delivery times will not be longer than a week since the delivery of the logo

What Is The Minimum Requested Request?

The minimum order is 216 bottles of 1 liter and 432 bottles of 500 ml

What Is The Form Of Payment?

You can pay by bank transfer or by check.

What Is The Cost Of Graphic Design?

The cost of the graphic design and the frame of the screen printing is related to the amount of the order that you request.

What Is Screen?

This process is a printing technique of high quality and durability, which allows to capture any image, in a clear and elegant way, on surfaces such as the plastic bottle. Screen printing adds prestige, exclusivity and positioning of your brand, with greater notoriety, style and scope.

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